Mission 4: RBC Century 2017

In this blog post I am tracking my training goals and plan for RBC Century 2017.

Important Notes:

There are a few important take away points from last years training plans and tracking progress. A few things are very important. I will try to elaborate on these below,

  1. Stretching of the back is necessary. I have picked up a pesky muscle knot on my mid-upper back that causes a lot of pain and stiffness. So my training has to incorporate multiple back stretching sessions every week.
  2. Last year’s RBC Century was miserable because of a weak core and the Sea Gull Century was fun because of a strong core, conditioned calves and overall results of HIITs performed indoors. So I need to build a strong core before going 30+ miles.
  3. DIET is extremely important. Every time I train I develop the habit of eating lots of carbs and proteins, but once the season ends I retain that eating habit which destroys all my good work. This year I will try to continue a warriors diet where you eat for 8 hours then fast for 16. So far, what I have been doing is eating early in the evening and fasting through the night and morning until lunch. Have a healthy lunch and dinner. The hunger is stymied by drinking a lot of water. Also, avoidance of soda, excessive sugary food, coffee with sugar etc. Also, I will try to avoid eating carbs on rides that are less than 25 miles.
  4. I have to do a group ride weekly to get faster and better. Also, group rides are safer.

Initial Conditions on Saturday, 06/24/2017:

Weight: ~220 lbs
Muscle Tone: None
Cardiovascular Fitness: None
Longest Ride in Last Three Weeks: 0 Miles
No workouts or physical activities in the past three weeks

Final Condition on Sunday, 08/27/2017:

Weight: 208 lbs
Muscle Tone: Well toned lower body, the belly shrunk significantly, can fit into a lot of my old clothes.
Cardiovascular Fitness: Excellent (not as good as Q’s), but completed the century in 6:30
Longest Ride in Last Three Weeks: 100 miles
Average Miles in Last Three Weeks: 151 Miles
Total Miles Ridden between 6/24/2017-8/27/2017: 1064 Miles + 60,000 Ft of climbing


  • Complete RBC Century 2017
  • 50 Burpees a Day
  • 50 Lunges a Day
  • 50 Squats a Day
  • 3 Planks x 2 minutes
  • 50 Push Ups
  • 50 Toe lifts
  • 50 Kettle Bell Cleaves/Push Press

Weekly Plan & Progress:

  • Monday: Rest+ Conditioning + Fasting
  • Tuesday: Endurance Cycling on Flats
  • Wednesday: Rest+ Conditioning
  • Thursday: Rest+ Fasting
  • Friday: Endurance Ride with Climbs+ Conditioning
  • Saturday: Conditioning (Maybe an hour of zone 2-3 ride early in the morning)
  • Sunday: Endurance Ride with Climbs
Typical Week from 2016 Seagull Century Training

Week 0: 6/26-7/2

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 8 Miles/ 16 miles
  • Wednesday: 10 Miles HIIT / yoga 30 mins & hap ki do stretches, 32 toe-lifts, 10x(lunges, squats, burpees), 2 x 30sec x(front, 2x Side Planks), some neck pain but some relief after yoga.
  • Thursday: Gym/ 9 mile ride
  • Friday: 16 Miles /30 mins yoga + hkd stretches 
  • Saturday: Gym/  30 min yoga + hkd stretches, 35 toe lifts, 10 lunges, planks x2
  • Sunday: 16 Miles/ 30 min yoga +hkd stretches, planks x2, 24 mile ride

Week 1: 7/3-7/9

  • Monday: yoga 15 mins
  • Tuesday: 16 Miles/ fasted 16 miles, 30 min yoga +hkd stretches+ happy baby + bow + planks, 40 toe lifts
  • Wednesday: 10 Miles/ Rest
  • Thursday: Gym/ Rest
  • Friday: 16 Miles/ 25 miles ride, yoga 30 mins, hkd stretches, happy baby, bow, 40 toe lifts, planks
  • Saturday: Gym/ fasted 16 mile ride, 30 mins yoga, hkd stretches, bow, happy baby
  • Sunday: 20 Miles/ 50 miles (>3500 ft climb, 4 hrs ride until the base camp of Mt. Weather)

Week 2: 7/10-7/16

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 16 Miles/Rest
  • Wednesday: 10 Miles/24 miles (Woodburn climb)
  • Thursday: Gym/ Rest
  • Friday: 16 Miles/ Rest 
  • Saturday: Gym/ 16 miles
  • Sunday: 30 Miles/ 50 miles (Taylorstown, Stumpstown climbs), 30 min yoga, hkd stretches,  happy baby, bow

Week 3: 7/17-7/23

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 16 Miles/ 25 miles (Woodburn Climb, gravel grinding on Canby Rd, got in a Tom Dumoulin Vuelta Stage 16 situation on Dry Mill Rd)
  • Wednesday: 10 Miles/Rest
  • Thursday: Gym/ 30 min yoga, hkd stretches, happy baby, bow, plank
  • Friday: 16 Miles/16 miles
  • Saturday: Gym/32 miles (Woodburn climb)
  • Sunday: 40 Miles/ 34 Miles (was fatigued from the day before, then was trying to keep up with Hisham on his electric bike, ran out of gas before we even began. Then i took old waterford rd, which is a good 6-8 miles of gravel, the worst, knocked 20-30 miles out of me.)

Week 4: 7/24-7/30

  • Monday: Rest/Rest
  • Tuesday: 16 Miles/Rest
  • Wednesday: 10 Miles/Rest (Mid-Upper back tightness reappeared after about a week of no yoga or stretching and two and a half weeks of no regular stretching; this is bad. I need to work on conditioning, especially the core.)
  • Thursday: Gym/ Fasted 32 mile ride, 30 min yoga, hkd stretches, happy baby, bow, plank
    There were some tightness to the back, but after hkd stretches and Yoga, the back feels better. There are some take away from today’s ride:

    • I need to do an endurance ride on the flats every week; because flats require constant pedaling or higher cadence. This is a type of training that helps drafting capability behind faster riders on the flats. Also noticed that I calves felt toned after the ride, I was missing this when I was focusing more on climbs. So climbs are for the quads, hamstrings, glute; flats build the calves more. 
    • I need to do two to three days of just gym/yoga/stretches. I will break my body if I ignore the back issue.
      • Rides: Tuesday (16-30), Friday (16-30), Sunday (>50)
      • Conditioning: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Friday: 20 Miles/ fasted 31 mile ride, 30 min yoga, hkd stretches, happy baby, bow
  • Saturday: Gym/ 30 min yoga, hkd stretches, happy baby, bow
  • Sunday: 50 Miles/ 45 miles & 4000 ft climbed (tour de great falls)

Week 5: 7/31-8/6

  • Monday: Rest+ Conditioning/ Rest + yoga
  • Tuesday: 20 Miles/ fasted 30 miles ride, yoga
  • Wednesday: Rest+ Conditioning/ Yoga
  • Thursday: Rest+ Conditioning/ 26 Miles Ride, Yoga
  • Friday: 20 Miles/ Fasted 34 miles ride, Yoga
  • Saturday: Conditioning/ Yoga
  • Sunday: 60 Miles/ 71 miles & 4500 ft of climbing (Leesburg, Woodburn, Taylorstown, Stumptown climbs)

Week 6: 8/7-8/13

  • Monday: Rest+ Conditioning/ Rest
  • Tuesday: 20 Miles/ Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest+ Conditioning/ fasted 30 miles, yoga
  • Thursday: Rest+ Conditioning/ fasted 17 miles
  • Friday: 25 Miles/ fasted 30 miles
  • Saturday: Conditioning/ Rest
  • Sunday: 70 Miles/ 38 miles >3500 ft climbing in Great Falls

Week 7: 8/14- 8/20

  • Monday: Rest+ Conditioning/Rest
  • Tuesday: 20 Miles/Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest+ Conditioning/Rest
  • Thursday: Rest+ Conditioning/24.5 miles
  • Friday: 25 Miles/20 miles
  • Saturday: Conditioning/70 miles, 3200 ft climbing at Berryville
  • Sunday: 70 Miles/ 5 miles recovery ride, yoga

Week 8: 8/21-8/27

  • Monday: Rest+ Conditioning/yoga
  • Tuesday: 25 Miles/Rest
  • Wednesday: Rest+ Conditioning/ 27 miles+ Yoga
  • Thursday: Rest+ Conditioning/ 16 Miles + yoga
  • Friday: 25 Miles/ 25 Miles + Yoga
  • Saturday: Conditioning, Carbs, 8 Miles/ 37 Miles fasted ride with climbs (Bad idea, killed by legs a day before a hilly century)
  • Sunday: RBC Century 2017/ 100 Miles+5400 Ft climb in 6:33 time (First 30 miles were a drag with tired legs, but once I hit Woodburn, the legs stopped complaining. The last 10 miles were a drag. The key was to maintain heart rate. If I had fresher legs I could have drafted the first 30 miles, and then drafted the last 20. That could have saved me a of work and could have finished the century in 5:30 time. Any how the experience was encouraging, the training was the most fun part of it. I loved those 30 miles fasted rides first thing in the morning. They really prep you up.)

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