The gazzale

This is a cycling enthusiast’s journal of training plans, progress and achievements

I am a father, husband, son, brother, on-a-need-basis counselor and a full-time professional with a brutally long commute from Virginia to Washington D.C. Life for me is great and her challenges are mostly intriguing, staying healthy and active is one of them; in fact it is a necessity to keep enjoying life.

The main reason I am writing this journal is to keep record of my training plans, progress and achievements, as it will help me stay on course, learn from mistakes, plan better for the future, and most importantly reuse my plans in the future.

Naruto Sage mode

Why “Velo Sage”?

I am a big fan of Naruto and especially fond of his nature chakra infused Sage Mode form. As you can tell I care a good deal about being on the saddle as much; hence the name. One day I will also have something to do with a straw hat.

You need patience, concentration and tough physical and mental training to become a Sage