Mission 5: Sea Gull Century 2017

This is a placeholder for Sea Gull Century 2017 Training Plan and Tracking progress. Goals: Bike 3 days/week--> Sick one week and traveling another, but overall achieved this goal Bike 100 miles/week--> Not Achieved Get body weight below 200 lbs--> Not Achieved; did not control diet Plan: Bike >50 miles on either Saturday or Sunday … Continue reading Mission 5: Sea Gull Century 2017


Mission 4: RBC Century 2017

In this blog post I am tracking my training goals and plan for RBC Century 2017. Important Notes: There are a few important take away points from last years training plans and tracking progress. A few things are very important. I will try to elaborate on these below, Stretching of the back is necessary. I … Continue reading Mission 4: RBC Century 2017

About Building an Aerobic Base

Abstract: Attended the Velocipede Annual Meeting on Saturday 1/7/17. The Team founders are race enthusiasts, and they were talking about building an aerobic base until the middle of March 2017. The idea is that if you are capable to riding 90 minutes in a fasting state with just water to keep you hydrated, then your body … Continue reading About Building an Aerobic Base

Mission 3: Lose 5 lbs in January 2017

Purpose Shed some body weight in preparation for Alpine Loop Gran Fondo Strengthen upper body Strengthen core Strengthen cardiovascular system Build an aerobic base (optional) Major Goals/Milestones Lose +5 lbs by the end of January 2017 Build up to 50 push ups a day Instructions for Push Ups Build up to 100 sit ups a … Continue reading Mission 3: Lose 5 lbs in January 2017

Events and Interests 2017

Centuries and Gran Fondos April 9, Campagnolo Gran Fondo San Diego, CA May 15, Campagnolo GFNY New York, NY May 20, 2017 Tour of Battenkill, NY (Great American Cycling Series) June 4, 2017 America's most beautiful bike ride, Lake Tahoe, CA August 28, Golden Gran Fondo GFNCS, CO August 28, RBC Century, VA (Cheap) September 25, … Continue reading Events and Interests 2017